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  1. “After a friend suggested I try hypnotherapy I was extremely apprehensive. Besides, I didn’t have what I considered a real problem; life had delt a few challenging blows, the death of my mother and a marriage breakdown, but on the whole, I was healthy and well. However, I always felt slightly stressed or anxious, and at times a bit down. My nerves were permanently on edge – frayed. If someone looked at me the wrong way I’d want to cry. I juggle a full time job, children and studies but found myself shying away from any challenging environment with work or friends. I started to cut myself off from my larger circle of friends as it was just too much. I kept myself busy and that is what I thought was the best way to deal with not feeling quite right. I exercise most days and this seemed to keep me functioning with whatever the problem was. I didn’t want to go to the doctors as I was worried I would be placed on antidepressants and I didn’t really feel that this was the correct solution for me, or that my symptoms were bad enough to warrant a visit.

    Talking about how I felt to a good friend was the start of my journey with hypnotherapy. Knowing how I was feeling, she suggested I give it ago. My preconceptions were that this was a treatment for people wanting to give up something, like smoking. I also presumed it was a way of tricking your brain into thinking you didn’t need these crutches in life. I thought I would be placed into some strange trance and my brain would be reprogrammed into believing something or that my subconscious would be manipulated. I was wrong.

    Working with Lisa is not about trickery. For me, it was about finding the right path out of my ‘rut’. My brain was holding onto my past traumas so that I wouldn’t be hurt again. It makes sense really; if you burn your hand in a fire, your body will be on high alert every time you go anywhere near one again. All very well, but your mind clinging to these images and memories can cause more pain and damage. It stopped me from moving forwards. The negativity and constantly looking backward was getting me down. I’d tried Counselling and Cognitive Therapy but it didn’t seem to help me move fully away from the problem. Lisa focuses on talking through the upset and helps find the right tools you need to move on, tools you already have. In our sessions, we then focus on the positive aspects of the day or week. The science behind shifting away from thinking about the negatives and looking at the positives enables your brain to process challenges effectively. It naturally looks at ways to solve it – that’s the subconscious bit. It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s biology. With your brain in a good happy place, Lisa then places you into an extremely relaxed state. At all times you are fully aware of what’s being said and you are always fully in control. I walk away from our sessions feeling calm, relaxed and in control of my life.

    I’ve had about 8 or 9 sessions with Lisa but the results were pretty imminent. In my sessions, we seem to empty my stress bucket as if I’ve had a good night’s sleep or a really good talk to a counselor. I’m left feeling strong. This sense of being calm and in control lasts. I still have my low days, but they are very few and far between. I have this beautiful inner calm. I feel happy. That sounds so small, but when you are in function mode to avoid thinking, it really has made all the difference to me. I wake up and feel calm. That’s a huge change and a massive relief. My chest pains of anxiety have gone. I can relax in the evenings without negative thoughts seeping in making me feel miserable. I’m back in control of my mind.

    Lisa has also been amazing. Relaxed, calm and informative. She has a lovely way about her and confidence in her ability to help. Her sessions are a really wonderful experience. I really enjoy the process.

    Would I recommend hypnotherapy? Without a shadow of a doubt. There are no side effects; its 100% safe and it uses tools you already have to help yourself. It is truly life-changing. Give it a go.”

  2. Lisa Heaton Winskill comes with many positive reviews. I have had the pleasure of having her perform what I can only explain as a miracle. I have in the past paid £100’s into regression therapy, 1-2-1 therapy and no one could ever penetrate through my garden exterior to help me relax, focus and become positive. In just two visits Lisa has me in trance, relaxed, I have coped with these strange times without a night loss of sleep.
    She can explain things that we can all relate too in simple terms and help us to rework our thinking and brain structure.
    I cannot thank or recommend her enough.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I got so much more from my sessions with Lisa than I could have imagined. Hypnotherapy is something you need to try in order to believe it and in my experience – wow! I would highly recommend it to everyone. I saw Lisa in the hope she could help me stop involuntary blinking – in a new job I was more conscious of it than ever. I didn’t know if it was caused by tiredness, stress, nervousness or just habit. Either way, it’s been a few months now since I’ve been conscious of my blinking, and my family can’t remember the last time they noticed it. But better than that, and unexpectedly, I’ve gained an inner calmness and improved confidence. In situations that would previously have flustered me, I’ve remained calm and in control, and I still can’t believe I’m so unphased by things. The trance state of mind is an incredible feeling. You’re definitely not asleep, you’re aware of everything that’s going, are totally relaxed and yet the mind wanders off peacefully. After the first session, I left Lisa’s feeling super confident, strong and positive – I couldn’t wait for the next session. This feeling stayed with me and, for a few weeks, I was sceptical that it would last. Well, it has! This treatment was a lucky find for me and I won’t hesitate to go back to Lisa again if ever I need to.

  4. I have been suffering from PTSD and severe anxiety since being assaulted 17 months ago. Nothing made the panic attacks go away. I was irritable, stressed, sad and overwhelmed. I thought that was what I would be like forever. Lisa has changed all of that. It is magic, but based in science. She explains the science, then performs the miracle. All virtually (Skype). I haven’t had a panic attack in weeks. Despite what is going on around us, I feel like I can cope better now than ever before. Whatever you are dealing with, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


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